Our Team

Rachel Matthews

Managing Director

Rachel Matthews started Dancing Duck in 2010. Initially it was just her and Lizzie dog doing all the brewing, sales, deliveries, cask washing and cask filling (and in all honesty Lizzie dog wasn’t all that much help). Rach is now mostly office based but still gets involved with any new recipe plans and a bit of quality control

Harvey Gould

brewery manager

Harvey Gould is our brewery manager he joined the team in 2012 and has been busy getting things increasingly more organised ever since

Hazel Knowles

Sales, Marketing and Accounts

Hazel Knowles has been at Dancing Duck since 2015, she is part of the sales and marketing team and also deals with our accounts. Now that we’ve finally allowed her to drop down to 2 days a week she is continuing to expand her shoe collection whilst restoring and selling antique furniture and jaunting about on her boat


Sales and Marketing

Emma Hough works in the sales and marketing team Monday to Wednesday talking to our customers as well as dealing with all the social media. The rest of the week she spends in her studio doing amazing art commissions.

Ben Waldron


Brewer Ben Waldron joined Dancing Duck from



Paul Solway started out as a drayman but was really keen to learn about everything that was happened in the rest of the brewery too and is now one of the brewers. He’s also a proper Mr Fixit and our go to man when anything breaks!



Dan Mason joined the brew team from Castle Rock at the end of 2018. As well as brewing for his day job he is also a keen home brewer and brings us some delicious samples to try every now and again

Gaz Bembridge


Gaz Bembridge is our full time drayman when he’s not lugging heavy casks around at work he’s quite often at the gym or running to the gym or cycling to the gym or just running or just cycling.



Chris Priest works a few days a week delivering beer and trying to round up our empty casks. He also works at various real ale pubs and gets up ridiculously early most days to make delicious sour dough bread. Chris hardly ever mentions he’s a vegan!


meet & greet team

Lizzie is our longest serving member of staff. She works 4 days a week heading up the office “Meet & Greet” team and also helping with team morale. In her younger days she used to enjoy going out delivering but for reasons known only to herself she now refuses to go anywhere near the van.


meet & greet team

On Lizzie’s day off Harvey’s dog young Cassie often comes in to help, he is learning the ropes of welcoming visitors to the sales office, staff welfare and woofing to let us know when the jet washer is in use

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