Our Name

Rachel, who founded the brewery is originally from Wolverhampton, she moved to Derby with her other half Ian after leaving university.
She was understandably quite confused when on her first day in the city she went to the local shop to buy some milk and got called “duck” 7 times during a single transaction.

Ian (who is from round these parts) explained to her that this was completely normal in the East Midlands and nothing to worry about and is in fact a local term of endearment.

Well the phrase grew and grew on Rachel and when she was trying to come up with a name for the brewery she knew she wanted to get it in there but why the Dancing Duck?

Well if you’re drinking Dancing Duck we want you to be enjoying yourself and can you imagine a duck that is dancing that isn’t having fun? No nor can we. So have a couple of pints and you might find yourself Dancing too!

Enjoy and forgive us all our duck puns!

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