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Welcome to Dancing Ducks’ Gins and Beer Spirits 

Using the same principles of great ingredients, flavour know-how, and developing drinks made with care and love, the team have developed a range of small batch, handcrafted distilled spirits which we hope will bring a little joy to life!


Beer Spirit

Our finished beer  has undergone a slow distillation process which has allowed the malt and hop flavours to carry through, the 41% spirit is then aged with small pieces of cognac cask or bourbon cask imparting additional flavours and colour.

Dark Drake beer spirit has a dark chocolate and smoky aroma, caramel and coffee on the pallet with a toffee finish, it is aged with small pieces of cognac cask

Abduction beer spirit has an abundance of tropical fruit on the nose, gooseberry, apricot and passion fruit on the pallet with a lingering spicy finish, it is aged with small pieces of bourbon cask

Lots of people ask if it is a whisky?

It’s not  for two reasons; firstly because in order to call a spirit a whisky is has, by law, to have sat in a whisky cask for 3 years and the second way it differs is that whisky is made using just the malts used in beer whereas our beer spirit is made using the actual finished beer so a well as the malty flavours you also get the hop characteristics.

It’s kind of a similar style to bourbon but more of a beerbon!

Sip either neat, with a drop of water, over ice, or why not add a shot to a glass of the beer to make a “boilermaker”!


Dancing Duck Dry is an uncomplicated, smooth, easy drinking gin in the classic style. Our blend of botanicals give it an interesting yet clean and easy palate which is perfect to drink on its own or to personalise with your chosen garnish.

Suggested garnishes: classic lemon or lime, or perhaps a small slice of ginger.

Dancing Duck Citrus is a refreshing, ‘sipping’ gin with subtle fruit and citrus notes. Lemon and orange peel and lemongrass are among the ingredients creating an easy-drinking sociable blend with a short, fruity finish.

Great on it’s own or suggested garnishes: a few juicy berries or small slices of any citrus fruits.

Dancing Duck Spicy is warming and moreish gin in an ‘Indian’ style. An array of carefully chosen spices and fruit peel give this gin a vibrant palate and a lingering finish.

Delicious on its own or suggested garnishes: a slice of orange, peppercorns or cardamom.

We think all our gins are Best drunk in a chilled glass over ice with a good quality tonic (or ginger ale with the spicy), we recommend 1 part gin to 2.5 parts tonic but however you drink it we hope you enjoy it

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